Huppert acts to stop Tories silencing the music

April 8, 2010 9:54 AM
Sarah Whitebread

Sarah Whitebread - campaigning to save the music

A campaign to make sure the Tories don't stop the music has been launched by Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge.

He has launched an online petition after Cambridgeshire County Council announced cuts which would mean an end to the county and city youth orchestras.

The move to cut funding to Cambridgeshire Music from 2013 would also threaten choirs and other music groups countywide.

Julian, who was a member of the Cambridge Youth Orchestra said: "We cannot allow this to happen. Music has been a big part of my life; but if these cuts go-ahead young people will be robbed of that experience.

"There are many music groups which rely on the funding they get from the county council; without it they will not be able to go on.

"Music gives young people the opportunity to socialise, meet new friends and it has been proved that children who take part in music do better at school.

"This Tory policy will take all that away. It is vital that everyone signs up to this petition so that we can make sure our music groups get the funding they need and our children get the opportunities they deserve."

Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Sarah Whitebread said: "I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in music in school and college and it is an important part of my life today.

"But if these cuts are allowed to happen other young people won't have that chance. The Tories are looking for easy targets to save money but this decision has far-reaching implications for people across the county.

"It is crucial that the Tories are not allowed to push these cuts through. We must support this petition and force them to rethink."

To sign the petition go to:

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