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Julian Huppert MP

Artists meet Huppert in bid to raise city's status in creative arts

April 14, 2010 1:18 PM

HuppertMusicians and artists will meet Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge on Monday (April 19) in a bid to raise the city's status in the creative arts.

Julian will meet the artists at The Junction in Clifton Way where they will discuss giving every resident access to high quality arts.

"I'm keen to discuss the role our artists play in our city and how they can work with the community so that all Cambridge residents can enjoy their creativity," said Julian.

"Cambridge has a wealth of creative talent and we should be celebrating that talent and encouraging them to share it."

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to maintain current levels of investment in the arts and creative industries which are the fastest growing sector of the economy.

They believe the arts are a central part of civic and community life, not an optional extra.

"The arts give people a place in which they can exercise their imagination," said Julian. "They contribute to innovation, education, diversity and social inclusion; they bind communities together.

"This is not an area where we should be cutting national investment. It is a vital part of Cambridge life and we should be recognising and encouraging creativity at all levels."