Friends of the Earth congratulate Lib Dems on green promise

April 22, 2010 10:54 AM

Friends of the Earth logoJulian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge has welcomed the backing of Friends of the Earth for the party's green policies.

The national environmental charity commended the Liberal Democrats for being "the only one of the three main parties to show that the environment can be at the heart of its policy making".

Andy Atkins, FoE's Executive Director said: "Environmental polices are woven into their economic recovery plans, recognising that building a low carbon future will create thousands of new green jobs and business opportunities for Britain."

Julian said: "This recognition from such high profile and well-respected environmental campaigners is extremely welcome.

"The Liberal Democrats are committed to cutting Britain's carbon footprint while at the same time creating new jobs and opportunities for the future.

"We are facing an unprecedented crisis with climate change and there was never any doubt that policies which address this issue and aim to protect the future for the next generations would be at the heart of our election pledges."

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