Teacher support pledge gains Huppert's backing

May 4, 2010 11:12 AM

Teacher Support Network logoA bid to raise school standards by supporting the work of teachers has been backed by Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge.

Julian has agreed to sign a pledge by the Teacher Support Network which claims than in order for teachers to deliver first class education they need the support of elected representatives who understand the challenges they face.

The pledge calls for measures to be put in place at the heart of education policy to support and improve teacher health, wellbeing and effectiveness.

Julian said: "Our teachers do a fantastic job often in challenging and difficult circumstances. I owe a great deal to the teachers who took time to support me throughout my education and I know the value of that education.

"We must ensure that the government recognises their devotion and commitment and that its support is reflected in education policy. Education is the key to this country's continued success and it hinges on the wellbeing and effectiveness of our teachers."

Teacher Support Network Chief Executive, Julian Stanley said: "There is little doubt that teachers hold a very privileged and powerful position in the lives of our children. They have the power to transform lives and inspire generations of young people, both within the classroom and beyond.

"We are pleased that Julian is supporting teachers by signing up to our candidate commitment. We hope that the next parliament will be 100 per cent committed to improving the health, wellbeing and status of teachers."

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