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Lib Dems hopeful station plans will help cyclists

May 27, 2010 10:42 AM
Cllr Colin Rosenstiel

Colin Rosenstiel

Cambridge Liberal Democrats are optimistic that Network Rail will take on board Cambridge's unique position as a cycling city when drawing up its plans for a new island platform at the railway station.

Liberal Democrats, supported by councillors across the political spectrum, have impressed upon Network Rail officials that they need to take into account that Cambridge is unlike anywhere else in the UK when it comes to the number of cyclists using the station and taking their bikes on the trains.

They feared plans for a footbridge and lifts to access the new platform would not be adequate in coping with the numbers of riders. But following a meeting with Network Rail, they are hopeful that any issues can be ironed out.

Colin Rosenstiel, Market ward councillor said: "Cambridge has more cyclists than anywhere else in the UK and we need to make sure that they can access the station easily and quickly.

"Our meeting with Network Rail was encouraging because the company is taking our concerns seriously. I am hopeful that the company will come back with a plan that meets the needs of cyclists."

Recent figures compiled by the Association of Train Operating Companies show that the number of cyclists travelling by train is increasing.

Nationally, around 28 million people a year cycle to the station - the equivalent of an average 77,000 journeys a day. The figures have increased by about 23,000 a day compared with two years ago.