City council backs call to delay A14 inquiry

May 27, 2010 10:43 AM
Clare Blair

Clare Blair

Cambridge City Council has backed calls to delay the A14 public inquiry because it is still waiting for vital data from the Highways Agency to support its case.

Despite lodging its objections in January, it has received no official response from the agency.

And at a subsequent meeting with agency officials, council representatives were promised air quality and flood risk data which have failed to materialise.

Members are also adamant that the government should not be holding a public inquiry costing taxpayers' money until it can be certain that the new road can be funded.

Clare Blair, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth said: "The Highways Agency has dragged its feet over responding to our requests and this has severely hindered our ability to prepare a proper case for the public inquiry.

"Also, we cannot see any sense in pushing ahead with a public inquiry at taxpayers' expense when it is clear from the state of the public finances that money is unlikely to be available to build this road in the short-term.

"We feel, therefore, that the sensible option would be to delay the inquiry until the coalition government has had a chance to weigh up all the options."

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