Huppert will be "a very strong perfomer in the Commons"

May 28, 2010 10:40 AM

Julian HuppertHigh-ranking minister, Dr Liam Fox has congratulated Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert on his Maiden Speech and said he will be a "very strong performer in the Commons".

Defence Secretary, Dr Fox also said that Julian has already shown on day one "a promising parliamentary career".

He told fellow MPs that Julian had given a "sparky, witty performance that was laced with historical gems, painted a very appealing picture of the city of Cambridge, yet made clear his grasp of the complexities of the social issues that exist there".

"It is very clear that he is going to be a very strong performer in the Commons, and I wish him well in what already on day one-looks like a promising parliamentary career," he said.

Dr Fox's congratulations came yesterday (Wednesday) after Julian addressed the Commons, paying tribute to the people of Cambridge who had chosen him as their MP and saying that he wanted to make Cambridge: a tolerant, open city and a more equal city."

Later, Julian said: "It means a great deal to know that my Maiden Speech was received so well by the House. Now I want to be a strong voice for the people of Cambridge who have given me this opportunity to speak on their behalf."

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