City parking charges to be set by county Tories

May 28, 2010 3:28 PM
Julie Smith

Julie Smith

On-street parking and resident permit charges in Cambridge could be set by county Tories without any input from the city Liberal Democrats.

The move to take the decision away from Cambridge City Council and put it in the hands of the county council's Tory Cabinet has angered the Lib Dems.

They only discovered the plan when Shire Hall issued a press release stating the Cabinet's intentions.

At present, the charges are set following discussion between city and county councillors who sit on Cambridge's joint transport committee.

But the Tories are planning a new parking policy following their decision to manage parking enforcement directly rather than through the city council as agents.

This means that the £1 a week residents' parking permits are sure to rise along with pay and display charges in the city.

Julie Smith, who takes over as transport committee chair in July, said: "There was no discussion with the city council before the county council Cabinet took this decision.

"If this goes ahead we could see parking charges increased in the city and there will be nothing we can do to stop it. The Tories will be taking control from Shire Hall and charging Cambridge residents whatever they see fit."

Transport Committee member and Market Ward Councillor, Colin Rosenstiel said: "These decisions should be taken by elected members at local level, not by Tories representing other areas of the county that have no knowledge of Cambridge.

"They did not even have the courtesy to tell us about this. This is totally undemocratic and must not be allowed to happen."

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