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Julian Huppert MP

MP calls for change in law to prevent web-blocking

June 3, 2010 11:17 AM

Julian HuppertCambridge MP Julian Huppert is calling on the government to change the Digital Economy Act to prevent web-blocking.

He fears a number of clauses in the Act, which were pushed through in the last days of the Labour government, could have serious repercussions for internet users.

Julian wants the government to introduce early legislation to repeal the clauses which allow the courts to order the blocking of websites or removal of internet access for allegedly breaking copyright laws.

He has become vice-chairman of an All Party Parliamentary Group to discuss the Act and campaign for changes.

"These clauses deny freedom of expression, competition and innovation and could lead the abuse of our civil liberty," he said. "They were rushed through in the dying days of the last Parliament and they have repercussions for consumers, civil liberties, freedom of information and access to the internet."

Julian has put forward an Early Day Motion asking for the 10 clauses to be removed.

His action follows his Save the Net campaign on social networking site Facebook which thousands of people supported. He also took an emergency motion on the issue to the Lib Dem Spring conference.