Guided bus fiasco could force a shake-up of government policy

June 8, 2010 2:14 PM

Julian HuppertCambridgeshire's guided bus fiasco could form the basis of a shake-up of government policy after MP Julian Huppert called for public scrutiny.

Government transport chiefs are to look at options for reviewing the guided bus policy and will "draw on the Cambridgeshire experience".

The decision is a victory for Julian who has fought against the guided bus since its inception; he called on the government to hold a public inquiry after Cambridgeshire County Council refused to do so.

Norman Baker, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport said delivery of the Cambridgeshire guided bus was a matter for the county council but confirmed that the government's entire guided bus policy could be reviewed.

"I have asked my officials to begin investigating options for a review of guided bus policy, which will draw on the Cambridgeshire experience, among others," he said.

He promised to contact Julian shortly with details of the review.

Julian said: "I am delighted that the government shares my view that this is such a serious issue that we could have a change of policy.

"The guided bus has been funded by taxpayers' money and is likely to be bailed out by taxpayers' money and there is still no clear indication of when it will be up and running.

"The Labour government granted more taxpayers' money to a similar scheme for Luton and Dunstable without waiting to learn the lessons from Cambridgeshire.

"I am determined to try to make sure that no more good money is thrown after bad until we have some answers. Hopefully now that will happen."

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