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Julian Huppert MP

Huppert told government committed to resolving housing issues

June 9, 2010 11:28 AM

Julian HuppertCambridge MP Julian Huppert has received a commitment from the government to resolve issues with the Housing Revenue Account which would allow Cambridge to keep all the money it raises from council house rents.

Julian called on the government to press ahead with promises made under a review of the HRA which would give Cambridge City Council the chance to hold on to £11 million it had been paying to the Treasury.

The money could be spent on repairing council homes or building new ones in the city; in return, the council would be expected to contribute to paying off the historic debt from other councils across the country in a one-off settlement.

Julian raised the issue in a written Parliamentary Question in a bid to make sure the government would honour the promises made under the review.

Andrew Stunell, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said: "We are committed to resolving this long-standing issue and will look closely at responses to the consultation "Council Housing - A Real Future" which closes on July 6.

Julian said: "I am encouraged that the government is committed to resolving this issue. This is an extremely important matter for Cambridge. The city desperately needs new homes for families on the waiting list and this problem could be addressed if the money collected here could be spent here."

Catherine Smart, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Housing said: "We have just agreed the building of seven new council houses in the city and if we were able to keep the money raised from council house rents, we could do so much more."