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Julian Huppert MP

Huppert takes part in rain forest-free lunch

June 9, 2010 11:29 AM

Julian HuppertJulian Huppert MP joined Friends of the Earth to show his support for rainforest-free meat and dairy today. He is one of more than 160 MPs to back calls for farm animals to be born, bred and fed British, instead of being reared on imported animal feed grown on deforested land.

The green campaigning charity's Fix the Food Chain campaign is striving to reduce the impact of the UK's factory farms which are wiping out rainforests and wildlife to grow animal feed.

Julian Huppert MP said: "Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a rainforest-free lunch if you're eating meat and dairy, but it is possible to farm animals without trashing the planet.

"I back Friends of the Earth's call for policies that will help farmers to rear animals that are born, bred and fed British."

Friends of the Earth's Senior Food Campaigner Vicki Hird said: "It's great that MPs like Julian Huppert are waking up to the impact of factory farming and supporting the switch to planet-friendly meat and dairy farming.

"Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a new law that will cut the meat and dairy industry's impact and will support farmers and consumers to make greener choices."

Friends of the Earth's Fix the Food Chain campaign highlights some shocking facts:

• On current trends animal feed production and cattle ranching alone will destroy 40% of the Amazon rainforest by 2050.

• The meat and dairy industry is responsible for a fifth of global climate-changing gases.