Huppert fights to overturn "flawed" visa rules

June 15, 2010 1:18 PM

Julian HuppertCambridge MP Julian Huppert is fighting to overturn "flawed" regulations introduced by the Labour government which could affect all the city's language schools.

He wants to overturn legislation which means that students from outside the EU who want to come to Britain need to have an understanding of English equivalent to A level even to apply for a visa.

Julian fears these rules could damage Cambridge's economy and result in the loss of £400 million in tuition fees and 3,400 jobs nationwide.

He has joined forces with five other prominent Liberal Democrat MPs to table an Early Day Motion on the issue warning that "if the government does not rescind this legislation, other English speaking countries will benefit while Britain's vital home grown industry will suffer".

He said: "These regulations have serious implications for language schools in Cambridge and the city's economy generally. They were ill-thought out and rushed.

"On a national scale, they could seriously damage the country's reputation as a leader in higher education. If we make it difficult for these students to come here, they will find another English-speaking country that will welcome them with open arms. This will cause us serious damage."

The motion claims that the new visa rules will "discourage an estimated 100,000 legitimate international students from coming to the UK to study."

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