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Julian Huppert MP

MP receives assurance from the government on immigration

June 29, 2010 1:41 PM

Julian HuppertMP Julian Huppert has sought assurance from the government that the cap on immigration will not hit Cambridge businesses.

He is worried that the move to limit non-EU migrants could damage the city's research and high-tech businesses whose success relies on workers from outside Europe.

Julian questioned Home Secretary, Theresa May during a debate on Limits on Non-EU Migration in the House of Commons yesterday (Monday, June 28).

He asked her whether she accepted that "success in research and high-tech businesses in areas such as Cambridge is fuelled by many non-EU migrants who are sensitive both to rules and how welcome they are made to feel".

"What steps will she take to ensure that it continues to be possible, or even easy, for us to attract the best and the brightest to this country to help our universities, industry and economy?" he asked.

Ms May reassured him that it was the government's "intention to ensure that we can continue to attract the brightest and the best".

"We will consult with business and others on how we can best operate the limit to ensure that that continues," she said.

After the debate, Julian said: "It is crucial that workers from outside the EU who are needed to ensure the continued success of businesses in Cambridge, believe that they are welcome in the UK.

"We cannot have rules which are so stringent that we are keeping out the very people on whom we rely. The UK needs to be able to attract the best if we are to compete in a global market place.

"I will do everything in my power to ensure that Cambridge and the country generally can continue to recruit the top people to safeguard their reputation as world leaders both academically and in business."