City councillors push for residents' parking scheme

July 9, 2010 1:12 PM
Damien Tunnacliffe

Damien Tunnacliffe

Cambridge City Councillors are to push for a residents' parking scheme to be extended to cover Corona Road in a bid to stop customers of a new pub parking outside homes.

Max Boyce and Damien Tunnacliffe, who represent West Chesterton, are to meet Cambrigeshire County Council officers to discuss the issue.

The action was decided upon at a public meeting last night (Thursday, July 9) between city councillors, residents and Police Community Support Officers.

Residents are worried that when pub chain, Wetherspoon, opens its new Tivoli pub on the site of the former Graduate in Chesterton Road, customers will park outside their homes in Corona Road.

Unlike some other roads in the area, Corona Road is not protected by a residents' parking scheme.

Cllr Boyce, who is a member of Cambridge City Council's Licensing Committee, said: "This was a very useful meeting. We have been told about

some of the issues in the past, but some were new.

"PCSOs Dawson and Taylor were very helpful in offering to take some investigations forward, but we all understand that it can take a long time to reach a satisfactory outcome on some of these issues."

Wetherspoon's licence application will be heard on July 26 and residents have expressed an interest in speaking at the hearing.

Cllr Boyce is also hoping to co-ordinate a meeting between Wetherspoon representatives and residents who have put in submissions to the hearing.

Cllr Tunnacliffe said: "Residents are clearly concerned that their street could become a parking area for pub customers.

"It is vital that residents can have their say and express their concerns. If the Tivoli is not to become a nuisance, it must co-operate with its neighbours."

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