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Huppert pledges to work to end child poverty

July 20, 2010 2:19 PM

Huppert child poverty pledgeMP Julian Huppert has promised to become a Child Poverty Champion working in Cambridge and Parliament to end child poverty for all UK children in the next 10 years.

Julian has signed a personal pledge drawn up by the Child Poverty Action Group which claims Britain has one of the highest child poverty rates in Europe.

Figures released two years ago by Cambridgeshire County Council in a report called "Mapping Poverty" showed that 3,401 Cambridge children are living in homes claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Benefit. More than 2,000 of these youngsters are under 11.

There are almost 12,500 people in the city claiming one or both of these benefits, which amounts to one in nine people.

Julian said: "Child poverty figures have been increasing for the past three years with four million children living below the breadline in this country.

"We cannot allow these figures to continue going up. Action is needed now to address the real issues behind these numbers - family breakdown, unemployment and debt.

"I have pledged to do everything I can to help the Child Poverty Action Group in its campaign to end poverty for UK youngsters."

Shan Nicholas, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said: "All the main parties have committed to ending child poverty by 2020, but Julian stands out as one of the first to have signed a personal pledge committing to action.

"It is important MPs understand the leadership role they can take in their area to bring partners together like local councils, schools, service providers and the voluntary sector, as well as showing public leadership by raising public understanding of child poverty in their constituency.

"Britain has one of the highest child poverty rates in Europe and this has an appalling impact on the life chances of many children. There is no reason why British children should suffer more than our neighbours and we are delighted that Julian is so strongly committed to ending child poverty."