Human Rights Act was Churchill's legacy - Huppert

July 21, 2010 4:14 PM

Julian HuppertCambridge MP Julian Huppert has fought in Parliament to keep the Human Rights Act reminding MPs that it was part of Churchill's legacy.

Julian spoke out in a question to Lord Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke just hours before the government announced it had ruled out repealing or reforming the Act.

He urged MPs to read Churchill's Legacy: The Conservative Case for the Human Rights Act to "dispel the many myths about the Act".

"The Human Rights Act exists for all of us; what is not to like?" he asked.

Mr Clarke reminded the Commons that the "European Convention on Human Rights was produced after the Second World War largely at the instigation of Churchill and others, to ensure that the whole continent developed in line with those values for which the British had fought the war".

"I recall that history because it is relevant to this issue, and we have to improve public understanding of the application of human rights in British law as well as reviewing the operation of the Act," he said.

But later the government announced that it would not be repealing or reforming the Act despite it being a key Tory election pledge.

Senior Lib Dem ministers including Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne and Justice Minister, Lord McNally had threatened to resign if the Act were scrapped and replaced with a UK Bill of Rights.

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