Huppert to lead Parliament debate on city transport problems

July 26, 2010 11:02 AM

Julian at WestminsterMP Julian Huppert is to lead a Westminster Hall debate on Tuesday (July 27) setting out the best strategy for solving Cambridge's transport problems.

Julian, who will be joined by Transport Secretary, Norman Baker, will call for increased access to public transport and the creation of sustainable communities to build a "fairer society".

During the debate Julian will speak about:

• the £1.3 billion A14 road widening project that "will wreak havoc on Cambridge";

• the poor strategic thinking that led to the fiasco of the guided bus project which is millions of pounds over budget and two years behind schedule;

• the East-West rail link which would get heavy freight off the roads and create greater freedom of movement for tourists and workers:

• Chesterton railway station which would take cars off residential streets and away from the historic city centre

Julian will urge the government to reconsider the expansion of the A14 and redirect funds into areas such as public transport which would ease Cambridge's problems.

He said: "I am delighted to be given the chance to raise Cambridge's transport problems.

"We must find away to address these problems if the city is to prosper and grow. But the answer is not to try to build our way out of congestion. This does nothing other than to make life more miserable for everyone.

"As a driver, cyclist and pedestrian, I'm keenly aware of the conflicting needs of different travellers. It's a constant balancing act. I have no wish to deny drivers essential access, but I also want to ensure that we are promoting environmentally sustainable forms of transport around Cambridge.

"Two years ago, the government made a commitment to stop climate change; but this is a hollow commitment if it takes no action to back it up.

"There are good, solid projects which could make a difference to Cambridge's problems. We need this government to commit to them so that Cambridge can start be the truly sustainable city for which we strive."

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