Councillor optimistic over future with The Tivoli

July 27, 2010 11:30 AM
Max Boyce

Max Boyce

West Chesterton Councillor, Max Boyce, has expressed his disappointment that the sale of alcohol at the new Tivoli pub will not be reduced following concerns from residents.

But he is encouraged that residents have opened a dialogue with giant pub chain, Wetherspoon, and believes that they can work together to resolve issues.

Wetherspoon, has been granted permission to sell alcohol from 9am until midnight at the Chesterton Road pub.

But Cambridge City Council's licensing sub-committee heard yesterday (Monday, July 26) that the pub would actually be open from 7am to around 11pm most days.

Residents had asked for the pub to be granted a licence which would restrict the hours of alcohol sales from later in the morning until earlier in the evening.

Plans by the pub chain for an outside seating area by the river and non-standard timings on some days of the year were withdrawn.

Cllr Boyce, who made a representation along with a number of other residents, said, "I am a little disappointed that Wetherspoon did not pull back its hours of operation in the light of the concerns raised by many residents.

"We have, however, opened a dialogue between them and the residents, and I am sure we can work together to resolve any issues that arise, including the inevitable one of how they handle smokers who spill out onto the pavement immediately outside the premises."

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