Councillors' dilemma as residents divided over parking scheme

August 5, 2010 3:07 PM
Kevin Wilkins

Kevin Wilkins

Residents in the De Freville area of Cambridge are divided as to whether they should have their own parking scheme.

Those living in the west are adamant that the only way to solve their serious parking problems is to give residents their own spaces.

But those living in the east strongly oppose a scheme. They fear that if one were imposed in the west commuters no longer able to park there would be forced into their area.

Kevin Wilkins, West Chesterton County Councillor said: "Councillors have been left with a real dilemma: while the majority of residents in the area as a whole do not support a residents' parking scheme, a clear majority of those in the west face a real problem which deserves to be solved.

"People living east of De Freville do not have the parking problems and, by a clear majority, do not support the introduction of a scheme and fear that the problem would move east if a scheme were only brought in for the western streets.

"But the consultation confirms that residents living west of De Freville Avenue have real parking problems and strongly back a residents' parking scheme.

"The elderly and parents of young children are those who face the biggest problems, often not being able to park in their own street let alone near their home."

In both areas 78 per cent of homes were without off road parking. Forty nine per cent of those questioned return home often by car during the day.

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