Huppert visits Body Shop to support campaign against trafficking

August 5, 2010 6:10 PM

Huppert at Body ShopAn international campaign against child trafficking has been supported by MP Julian Huppert during a visit to Cambridge's Body Shop yesterday (Wednesday, August 4).

The Body Shop has joined forces with ECPAT UK to launch the three year global campaign and petition to stop the trafficking of children and young people and bring about long-term change.

Julian said: "These children are subjected to a form of modern day slavery. They are not only trafficked for sexual exploitation but are subjected to other types of abuse including forced labour, criminal activities, forced marriage and domestic servitude.

"I have added my name to this petition so that we can stamp out this type of abuse once and for all. I welcome this campaign and hope that it receives the international recognition and support that it deserves."

In the UK, ECPAT UK and The Body Shop UK are specifically calling on the Government to offer greater care and protection to child victims of trafficking by ensuring every child is provided with a guardian to look after them.

The petition can be signed at or in any The Body Shop store, and will be delivered to the UK Government in 2011.

Christine Beddoe, Director of ECPAT UK said, "We are delighted that The Body Shop is joining with ECPAT UK to call for a system of guardianship to be introduced in the UK, and we are most grateful to Dr Huppert for his support."

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