Lib Dems select their candidate to fight by-election

August 23, 2010 11:02 AM
Ian Manning

Ian Manning

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have chosen East Chesterton resident, Ian Manning to fight the seat in the forthcoming by-election on September 16.

Ian, who works in the IT department of Cambridge Assessment on the city's Science Park, has lived in East Chesterton for the last two years and enjoys the area's "diverse character".

After moving in, he wanted to get to know his neighbours so invited them to join him at the pub. The first time 15 people turned up and by the third invite he was meeting 60 plus people.

"I'm a firm believer that if you get everyone in a room talking then you can sort out a problem," he said; "that is what a community is built upon. I also became aware of the wider community in Chesterton after contacting local residents' associations and my ward councillors.

Working in the community, Ian helped to get Streetcar for the area, dealt with a parking problem, secured extra funding for cycle parking and sorted out problems with the rubbish collection.

Ian set up the VIE Residents' Association and launched a website where residents can discuss and report issues on the estate.

Ian also worked on Cambridge MP Julian Huppert's general election campaign.

"I soon realised I cared a great deal about the area in which I was living," said Ian. "I could see the problems with the Conservative-run county council and when the opportunity arose, I decided to run for election so that I can further stand up for East Chesterton."

In his spare time, Ian is a keen runner having started last year after taking part in the city's Chariots of Fire event.

He plays football and loves dancing particularly Modern Jive and Blues. Together with a friend, he has choreographed a group dance for a competition next year.

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