City council unveils £50,000 tree planting scheme

September 16, 2010 9:40 AM
Councillor Rod Cantrill

Rod Cantrill

An ambitious £50,000 tree planting scheme on Cambridge's Midsummer Common and Jesus Green will be unveiled next week responding to the public's overwhelming desire to retain the current tree layout where possible

The project by Cambridge City Council will see up to 70 new trees planted to enhance these two important green open spaces.

And, following extensive public consultation, a future tree replacement strategy will be developed to ensure the areas can by enjoyed by generations to come.

The tree planting plans, to be discussed at a special West Central Area Committee on Thursday, September 23, have been developed after almost 300 people took part in the consultation and public workshop during the summer.

As a result, the council has a clear view on the approach to tree management on the two open spaces and plans to use this as a basis for further investment in tree planting as additional funding becomes available.

Funding for the present scheme will come from the West Central Area Committee's Environmental Improvement Programme after money was reserved last year.

Residents are invited to discuss the plans with ward councillors at the area committee meeting at the Guildhall at 7.30pm.

Rod Cantrill, Executive City Councillor for Arts and Recreation, said: "I would like to thank all the residents who took part in the consultation. It is clear from the responses that residents want to preserve the existing trees wherever possible. The current proposals and any future tree planting will take this into account.

"The scheme officers have developed, demonstrates the council's commitment to on-going investment in the city's green open spaces in order to ensure that they are preserved for both current and future generations of residents.

"I look forward to planting taking place later in the autumn."

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