Tories propose leaving city centre ungritted if winter is severe

September 20, 2010 11:58 AM
Sarah Whitebread

Sarah Whitebread

Cambridge city centre could be left untreated if this winter proves severe.

Tories who run Cambridgeshire County Council are suggesting that if gritting supplies run short like last year none of the streets inside the inner ring road - Queen's Road, East Road, Newmarket Road, Chesterton Lane and the Fen Causeway - will be treated.

Other areas which would also be removed from the gritting schedule include St Andrew's Street, Market Square, Drummer Street, Regent Street, Jesus Lane and Trumpington Street.

Although Cambridge is one of the busiest areas of the county, the Tories are proposing restricting its gritting rota while at the same time, continuing to treat Wisbech, Whittlesey and Chatteris town centres.

Liberal Democrats claim the proposal is "unbelievable" and fear that drivers, pedestrians and cyclists could be injured or even killed by the money saving initiative.

Highways Spokesman, County Councillor Kilian Bourke said: "This beggars belief. When things got bad last winter the city centre was inaccessible, but at least there was a token effort to grit its busiest streets. These proposals would leave the inner core to freeze over completely and stay frozen."

Market County Councillor Sarah Whitebread added: "This is extremely bad news for residents and local businesses. The city core is the most concentrated hub of activity in the county, and should be among the very last routes to go.

"It is incredible that at the same time, the Tories will continue to grit great swathes of Fenland. Why this great disparity?

"Last winter gritting across the county was a total fiasco. Now it seems the gritting review is going to create more problems than it solves."

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