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Lib Dem invited to vote in Labour leadership election

September 23, 2010 10:43 AM

Liberal Democrat, Amanda Taylor was amazed when she was invited to vote in the Labour leadership election.

Cambridge City Councillor Taylor, who represents Queen Edith's, was sent ballot papers by post to elect the next Labour leader.

The papers came from Britain's biggest union, UNITE, of which Cllr Taylor is a member.

UNITE is urging its two million members to support Ed Milliband in the election.

Cllr Taylor said: "I'm really torn as to which candidate to choose! But on a serious note, I am angry that a union which takes its members from all walks of life should nail its colours to the mast for one political party.

"If it sees good policies in other parties, it should promote them as well and assume union members have enough intelligence to weigh up the evidence and decide for themselves who should have their vote.

"If anyone rings me to canvass for Labour I shall ask them if they know about our £10,000 tax threshold which would help many union members, and canvass them back at their own expense!"