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Businesses must work towards creating better communities

September 29, 2010 2:46 PM

Julian HuppertMP Julian Huppert believes that the way forward for Cambridge businesses is to work together to ensure a quality of life and a sustainable environment for the city's residents.

He is optimistic that the city's businesses will continue to drive the region forward and develop green technologies to change lives for the better.

But he says they will have to think more and more about well-being, not based only on money, but on the environment and the communities in which we live.

Julian will give his view of the future of the city's business world when he addresses a symposium called The Future of Sustainable Economic Development in Cambridgeshire tomorrow night (Thursday, September 30) at the Clydesdale Bank on Hills Road.

"I'm proud of the way businesses are performing in the city," he says, "not least because of the many new companies concerned with sustainability which have been launched recently.

"I spoke in my maiden speech to Parliament about well-being and I think this is something businesses will have to think about more and more; working together to protect the environment and the quality of life for people who live in our communities.

"I think the Cambridge cluster is a possible way forward here. It's not based on cut-throat competition or one-upmanship. It's a community, based on mutual interests, related disciplines and shared creativity.

"We need to give everyone a voice and listen to everyone's views. I believe that when you give people the power to make their own decisions for the good of their communities and the wider region, you get better results.

"Focusing on cold, hard cash is not the way to ensure a sustainable future."