Huppert stands by his promise to fight rise in tuition fees

October 12, 2010 10:36 AM

Julian at WestminsterCambridge MP Julian Huppert will stand by his promise to fight any rise in tuition fees following the Browne review.

He campaigned against increases as an undergraduate and made the issue a key election pledge; now he claims he has seen no evidence to change his mind.

"There is pressure to properly fund universities," he said, "but forcing students to take on huge amounts of debt is not the way.

"It is a disincentive for people who wish to go to university and it is inappropriate. It is important to realise that the perception of a 17-year-old preparing to enter university education is very different from that of a 50-year-old economist.

"I support Vince Cable in his efforts to find a better solution than that which Labour adopted and which the Tories would like.

"I have been a campaigner on tuition fees since I was an undergraduate and I campaigned on it in the last election. I have not seen anything to change my mind.

"The government must now respond to the Browne review and I hope to be able to work with Vince Cable to find a significantly better solution."

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