Government must prove "green" heating promise was not hot air

October 13, 2010 1:52 PM
Huppert and renewable heat campaign

Julian calls on the government to honour green heating promise

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has called on the government to prove a promised incentive for people switching to "green" heating was not just hot air.

He joined green campaigners with a solar-powered balloon outside Parliament yesterday (Tuesday, October 12) to show his support for the Renewable Heat Incentive which promotes initiatives such as solar thermal panels and ground source heat pumps.

During the last government, all parties promised to introduce this incentive in April next year; but now reports suggest it could be delayed.

Campaigners claim a delay is already damaging the UK's renewable heat industry because a lack of strong government commitment makes potential investors nervous.

"A Renewable Heat Incentive not only encourages clean, green heat and helps us to combat climate change by cutting our carbon emissions, but it also helps people to cut their fuel bills and creates jobs," said Julian.

"I urge the government to push this through at the earliest opportunity. It is crucial that the renewable heat industry has the confidence of our government. This is the way forward."

Friends of the Earth's Renewable Energy Advisor Alan Simpson said: "It's great that Julian Huppert is supporting the switch to planet-friendly ways of heating our homes and workplaces. The Government must introduce the Renewable Heat Incentive as promised."

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