Huppert signs students' tuition fees pledge again

October 13, 2010 5:48 PM
Huppert re-signs tuition fees pledge

Julian re-signs the Student Pledge with (left) Matt East, ,Anglia Ruskin Students' Union President and Andy McGowan, Cambridge University Students' Union Access Officer. Photo: CUSU/ARSU

Cambridge students have given a resounding vote of thanks to their MP as he stands shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight against increased tuition fees.

Julian Huppert, who has campaigned against any rise in fees since he was an undergraduate, re-signed the Student Pledge this morning (Wednesday, October 13) reaffirming his promise.

The news has been welcomed by students across the city and Student Union members who are calling on MPs in other university cities to follow his lead.

Andy McGowan, Cambridge University Students' Union Access Officer said: "It was vitally important that Julian stood by his promise and this has been met with a very good response among students.

"They voted for him in the election now he is voting for them. He is leading the way and standing side by side with them and it lets students know that this is not a lost cause.

"If these increases go-ahead, the university landscape will be a very different place. Students will have to choose courses by cost rather than what they would like to study. We are relying on our politicians not to let that happen."

Julian said: "I made a promise to the students that I would never support a rise in tuition fees and I have reaffirmed that promise today.

"Young people should be able to go to university based on their ability and not on their ability to pay."

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