Huppert banks on an easy way to help his favourite charities

October 25, 2010 12:24 PM

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation logoMP Julian Huppert is backing the work of the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation by opening an account which gives him an easy way to support his favourite local charities.

Julian has started a Foundation Account where he can deposit money to make donations to the charities of his choice.

And CCF will claim tax rebates on the money Julian deposits and add them to his account.

CCF was launched in 2004 and has distributed more than £4 million in grants. The National Lottery, national and local government, Comic Relief and major companies including Mars and Microsoft have commissioned the fund to distribute money on their behalf.

The CCF is particularly focused on small projects where small sums can make a significant difference such as those which benefit the environment, homeless, elderly, children and youth groups.

Julian said: "This is an easy and efficient way to make regular contributions to my favourite charities and the CCF will suggest charities and voluntary groups that could be of interest.

"The CCF will check the charitable status of any organisation which is to receive money before paying anything from my account. I will receive quarterly statements and an annual summary so I have a complete record of my donations.

"This is an ideal away to make sure donations reach projects that will really benefit people living in our communities."

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