Your community centre needs you!

November 15, 2010 11:48 AM
Andy Pellew

Andy Pellew

Arbury and King's Hedges residents are being urged to have their say on who runs their community centre.

Trustees of the Arbury Community Centre are to be elected at its Annual General Meeting tomorrow evening (Tuesday, November 16).

Councillor Neil McGovern, Chair of Trustees, said "With increasing bookings, a dedicated professional staff, as well as recent renovations our community centre is where it should be; right at the heart of the local community. As trustees we've done this by focussing on the unique needs of North Cambridge and providing a link between local group organisers and people interested in joining the groups."

County Councillor Andy Pellew, a trustee said "Engaging with the local community in this current economic climate is always going to be more difficult but it's vital, especially given the Government's commitment to the 'Big Society', that successful Community Centres like this have the support of their local communities.

"I urge everyone to attend the AGM and have their say on who will run their community centre for the next year. If you would like to be more involved than that of course we'd welcome you."

Alan Soer, Centre Manager and Chair of King's Hedges Neighbourhood Partnership said "This government may be talking about the 'Big Society' but here in North Cambridge we've been doing this for years. Volunteering can be, in my experience, one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time - this isn't about endless meetings and nothing ever happening, we're at the cutting edge delivering services to real people for whom the benefits can be enormous".

The meeting takes place at 7.30pm at the Arbury Community Centre on Campkin Road (CB4 2LD). Parking is available on site. Enquiries should be directed to Alan Soer (Centre Manager) on 01223 712038.

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