MP supports call to protect open internet access

November 18, 2010 1:56 PM

HuppertMP Julian Huppert has supported a call to protect the Open Internet and prevent service providers creating a two-tier service.

Julian has signed an Early Day Motion which claims that failing to protect open access to the internet will stifle online innovation and lead to websites paying service providers to ensure their content gets priority.

Julian said: "In Cambridge we understand the benefits of the Internet and technology. Neutrality and openness create a level playing field that allows entrepreneurs, businesses and other content providers to flourish, often very quickly and with minimal start-up costs.

"The idea of a two-tier internet where ISPs charge websites extra for a 'fast-lane' service would harm competition, innovation and freedom of speech. Research by economists has shown that neutrality actually increases web-based economic activity.

"It's vital to protect the open Internet. We can't be neutral on net neutrality."

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