Huppert quizzes government over kettling of schoolchildren

November 26, 2010 10:36 AM

Julian at WestminsterCambridge MP Julian Huppert is questioning the government on its policy of "kettling", especially of schoolchildren, after the tactic was used during a student demonstration on Wednesday, November 24.

Julian has asked Home Secretary, Theresa May, whether the policy will be reviewed after protesters including schoolchildren, were contained behind a police cordon during a demonstration in London over increased tuition fees.

He raised the issue in a written question and asked Ms May to make a statement after the Metropolitan Police defended their actions.

"This is a dangerous tactic which serves little purpose other than to cause fear and spread panic," said Julian. "There is absolutely no justification for taking this heavy handed approach with schoolchildren or peaceful protesters. It is being used more and more by the police to punish everyone rather than the troublemakers.

"This policy must be changed because it does not respect the human rights of protesters."

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