Region's cross-party MPs urged to rejection tuition fees rise

November 30, 2010 12:22 PM
Cllr Rod Cantrill

Rod Cantrill

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have called on MPs from all political parties across the region to vote against an increase in university tuition fees.

Their call came during the party's AGM when they applauded Liberal Democrat MPs, including Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert, who had reaffirmed their promise to vote against raising fees.

And they reiterated their party's election manifesto commitment to phase out tuition fees over the course of six years.

Members voted overwhelmingly to support a motion which said that the Browne Review's recommendations and plans in the coalition's Comprehensive Spending Review "lead away from this policy towards higher, not lower, tuition fees."

Party chairman, Rod Cantrill said: "Cambridge Liberal Democrats want to see proposals for higher education funding that will not deter our young people from going to university.

"We are totally against any increase in tuition fees and feel that this is a regressive step which could damage the future of higher education in this country.

"We owe it to your young people to give them the educational opportunities that we enjoyed. This planned increase in tuition fees puts an unnecessary burden on them and could lead to many talented young people rejecting higher education because they cannot afford it.

"We would urge MPs from all parties across the region to reject this damaging policy."

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