Huppert proves he is one in a million to save Magpas

December 1, 2010 6:02 PM
Julian Huppert and Eddie Norman Magpas

Julian Huppert joins Eddie Norman to give his support to the One in a Million campaign to save MAGPAS

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has proved he is One in a Million by backing an ambitious fund-raising campaign to save medical emergency charity, Magpas Helimedix.

Julian teamed up with crash survivor, Eddie Norman who believes he could owe his life to the medical team, to support the campaign to raise £1 million to prevent the charity closing.

"If everyone gives just £1 Magpas will be able to continue its life-saving work," said Julian. "This charity is a victim of its own success. Its fund-raising has not grown fast enough to keep up with the expansion of its service. If we lose Magpas we could lose lives.

"I would urge everyone to help save this vital service because it could be you or your loved ones who need MAGPAS in the future. This charity is too vital for us to sit back and do nothing."

Julian discovered that Eddie was just 22 when the Magpas team came to his aid following an horrific car crash.

In September 1987, Eddie and of his friends were travelling home from an evening out at a pub in Harlton when their car overturned on a right hand bend and crashed into a telegraph pole.

Two of Eddie's friends, who were just 21 at the time died in the crash. Eddie suffered a fractured skull, broken collar bone and broken nose.

"I don't remember anything about the crash," he said, "but I could owe my life to the Magpas team.

"They were first on the scene and their help was incredibly valuable. They could have saved my life for all I know. I made a full recovery but it took years to come to terms with the loss of my best friends.

"The initial first response by Magpas is key in trauma cases. They have all the resuscitation equipment and anaesthetics and are on hand in those vital first minutes.

"I really feel that to lose Magpas would be massive. It is so important to make people realise what is at stake here."

Anyone interested in supporting the campaign can donate by visiting the website or sending a donation to MAGPAS Helimedix, 105

Needingworth Road, St. Ives, PE27 5WF.

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