MPs urged to support city council leader's campaign

December 7, 2010 11:15 AM
Councillor Sian Reid

Sian Reid

MPs across the country have been urged to support the "excellent" Close the Door campaign during the Christmas shopping period. It was started in Cambridge and Sian Reid, Leader of Cambridge City Council is one of its founders.

The campaign calls on shopkeepers and restaurant owners to keep their doors shut to conserve energy and has now rolled out across the country including York, Bristol, Wandsworth and Islington.

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert made the call in a Commons' motion he tabled with Bristol West Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams.

Figures released by the Close the Door campaign show that the UK spends around £1.6 billion a year on energy and 20 per cent is wasted due to poor practice.

Cllr Reid said: "I am delighted that MPs are being asked to give their support to this campaign during the busiest shopping period of the year.

"Retailers across the country are wasting energy and running up extra business costs by leaving their doors open. Without a concerted effort by businesses, individuals and the government the UK will miss its energy saving targets.

"Closing the door makes business and environmental sense."

Julian said: "I congratulate Sian on this excellent campaign and hope MPs across the country will give it their support.

"This is a simple concept which could bring far reaching benefits for retailers and the country as a whole."

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