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Julian Huppert MP

Huppert calls for tuition fees to be phased out completely

December 8, 2010 3:26 PM

Julian at WestminsterCambridge MP Julian Huppert will vote against a rise in tuition fees tomorrow (Thursday, December 9) and call on the government not to try to increase charges again during this Parliament.

Julian will put an amendment to Business Secretary, Vince Cable's motion to raise fees saying that they should be phased out entirely and the government should have no legal right to increase them.

He wants to ensure that no authorisation for an increase is given under the Higher Education Act.

"I have said very clearly that I will vote against an increase in tuition fees in line with my belief that fees are wrong in principle," he said. "I have campaigned against these since Labour initially brought them in, and will not change that position when I vote tomorrow.

"I believe that we should work to phase out tuition fees so that students who have the ability to go to university can go without worrying about whether they can afford it. And they deserve peace of mind knowing that this issue won't be up for discussion again within the term of this Parliament."