Volunteers join councillors for action on unsafe junction

November 28, 2013 12:18 PM

Amanda TaylorVolunteers are joining Liberal Democrat councillors today (Thursday, November 28) to carry out a traffic survey at a dangerous Cambridge junction in a bid to get safety improvements.

The group are carrying out their traffic count in Fendon Road at its roundabout junction with Queen Edith's Way and Mowbray Road where recently three near miss accidents involving pedestrians and a cyclist were witnessed in just one hour.

A preliminary rush hour survey in the area undertaken by resident Dr Tim Moore showed that more than 350 cyclists and almost 200 pedestrians used the junction per hour. There were also around 100 cyclists and pedestrians crossing the roads feeding the roundabout.

Campaigners want to see the roundabout remodelled and pavements improved. They also want cyclists separated from cars and pedestrians able to cross all four roads safely with priority given to Fendon Road.

Dr Moore, who witnessed the near miss accidents, said: "This junction is dangerous because of the mix of traffic using it. There are narrow footpaths and poor visibility and there is a history of cycle accidents at the junction.

"It is so important to have some type of crossing there before someone is seriously injured or killed. Crossing Fendon Road is extremely difficult especially for the elderly and disabled."

The need for a safety improvements has also been raised by Lib Dem councillors Amanda Taylor and George Pippas.

Cllr Taylor, who represents Queen Edith's on Cambridgeshire County Council said that the roundabout has the second worst accident record in the city for bikes with 34 crashes in a five-year period.

"It is time something was done to make this junction safer," she said. "We will be carrying out a traffic count in the hope that the county council will take our concerns on board and agree to install a new crossing.

"We have a good number of volunteers willing to help with the survey which demonstrates the strength of feeling on this issue."

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