Residents urged to back petition to improve cycle route

January 13, 2014 12:05 PM

Ian ManningCambridge residents are being urged to sign a petition calling for action to protect cyclists and pedestrians in East Chesterton before someone is seriously injured.

Councillor Ian Manning, who represents the ward on Cambridgeshire County Council, is concerned about safety on a route from the High Street to Chesterton Road.

On part of the route the pavement is the same height as the road and there is a tendency for cyclists to veer onto the pavement putting pedestrians at risk.

He wants to see Council or Developer money used to improve the situation and believes a designated cycle route protecting pedestrians from cyclists and cyclists from motor vehicles could be the answer.

"This is a busy route," he said, "and because the pavement is on the same level as the road in places it is easy for cyclists to come off the road and onto the pavement.

"I am concerned that this poses a serious risk and I want to see improvements made that will protect pedestrians and cyclists. A designated cycle route would offer that protection."

Cllr Manning said an alternative option to raise the kerb is not desirable as it would force cyclists to stay on the busy high street road.

He plans to ask residents in a street letter to support his petition.

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