Lib Dem-led City Council wins praise from Labour for saving city's pubs

January 23, 2014 1:17 PM

Julian Huppert at pubCambridge's Lib Dem-led City Council has been congratulated by Labour's Shadow Minister for its action to save the city's pubs.

MP Julian Huppert told Parliament that new council planning policies, supported by the Campaign for Real Ale, have not only prevented pubs in the city from closing but have encouraged others to reopen.

And, during a debate on pub regulation in the House of Commons Toby Perkins, Labour's Shadow Minister for Small Business joined him in congratulating the council for its "excellent work".

Mr Perkins said: "Of course, I welcome anyone taking a positive step in what is an incredibly difficult climate ….. anyone who is able to buck that trend will have our wholehearted support."

The council's policy aims to make sure pubs cannot be demolished or changed into other businesses without solid proof that they are no longer viable.

Julian, who has just been named a Parliamentary Beer Champion 2014 by CAMRA, the British Beer and Pub Association and the Society of Independent Brewers for his support of the industry last year, said Cambridge City Council has done an excellent job in protecting pubs.

"The council's planning policy gives pubs the protection they need and stops developers moving in to buy prime sites which force the closure of potentially viable businesses.

"Pubs are so important in our communities, not only for bringing people together but also for the jobs they provide. Cambridge City Council has proved that action can be taken locally to protect them.

"I'm pleased that not only does the Campaign for Real Ale support what Cambridge is doing - it recently praised Cambridge for 'leading the way' in pub protection - but the Labour Party also recognises the great job we are doing."

Cambridge City Executive Council for Planning, Tim Ward said: "I am pleased that Cambridge City Council has received further national recognition for our pioneering work in using the planning system to protect viable community pubs from the bulldozer."

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