Manning's challenge to get the young to the polls

January 31, 2014 10:44 AM

Ian ManningLib Dem County Councillor, Ian Manning is to challenge cross-party councillors to do more to encourage young people in the city to vote.

The move has been inspired by the national Bite the Ballot campaign, which aims to empower young people to act to make their votes and opinions count, and Cambridge campaigner, Antony Carpen who blogs as @Puffles.

Cllr Manning, who represents East Chesterton on Cambridgeshire County Council, wants to launch his competition between Cambridge City Council's Area Committees to encourage councillors to connect better with young people.

"People aged under 24 are the least likely to vote and the least likely even to be on the register." said Cllr Manning. "I'm proud to represent an area in the north of the city. It's a really active area and I firmly believe we can improve engagement with young people."

He will seek support from fellow north area councillors to challenge the other three area committees to see who can get the most under 24s who haven't voted before, to commit to voting in the May elections.

Ian has asked Antony Carpen if he will judge the eventual winner and will approach others, such as the city's MP,Julian Huppert to help as well.

"Although there will be no prize, young people and democracy can only win from this; so I really hope a few councillors from each area committee will take part."

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