Full Council on the internet will prevent members "hiding" - Manning

March 17, 2014 12:56 PM

Ian ManningCambridgeshire County Councillor, Ian Manning has called for full council meetings to be streamed on the internet and votes recorded to prevent some members "hiding" in the council chamber.

Cllr Manning, who represents Cambridge's East Chesterton, claims the move will give the public an opportunity to judge whether councillors' stands on particular issues are backed up by their voting record.

"Engagement with the public is key to a vibrant, successful local democracy," he said, "but you won't get that engagement by hiding behind the doors of the council chamber.

"With the change of governance to a committee system, we're starting a new era so it is all the more important that residents can see how decisions are made and hold all councillors to account."

Cllr Manning believes the lack of contribution from some councillors will affect how people vote in elections.

"Whether it is Labour failing to oppose the administration's budget, or the silent backbenches of both UKIP and the Conservatives, residents will be able to judge far better who represents them," he said.

Cllr Manning will propose the streaming of full council meetings across the internet and the recording of all councillors' votes at the next full council meeting on March 25.

His suggestion builds on his efforts to open up the county council to the public.

It follows his successful move to reduce the number of signatures required on a petition to trigger a council debate. Residents fighting the threatened closure of Huntingdon's Cromwell Museum used the new rule to prompt a debate on its future.

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