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Manning attacks wage division between management and lowest paid

March 27, 2014 9:32 AM

Ian ManningLeading Liberal Democrat County Councillor, Ian Manning has accused councillors of dividing the council's upper management and the lowest paid.

His attack came after some councillors failed to support his bid to protect the authority's lowest paid members of staff by making sure their wage scales kept pace with the highest.

Cllr Manning, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Resources on Cambridgeshire County Council said the move created a clear division between upper management and those who are the backbone of front line services for residents.

"Often those on the lowest wages provide vital council services, so they should not be made to feel undervalued compared to the most senior management," he said. "But councillors who have failed to support this move have done exactly that, making a clear division between the upper management and those who are the backbone of services on which our residents rely.

"If we look after staff conditions in a modest way, staff are more loyal to the organisation and this is to everyone's benefit."

Cllr Manning's bid to make wage scales fairer came in an amendment to the proposed pay policy at a full council meeting. It aimed to reinstate a policy not to widen the gap between the chief executive's pay and the median staff wage.

But Tory Cabinet Member for Resources, Steve Count failed to support the amendment claiming staff transferred from other organisations should not be treated differently despite TUPE legislation being designed to do exactly that.

Cllr Manning's amendment was defeated 36 votes to 21.

"Liberal Democrats believe in a fairer society - and this must be reflected by ensuring the pay differential does not widen," he said.