Cambridge Liberal Democats vote against calling for a leadership contest

June 13, 2014 9:28 AM

Julian Huppert MPCambridge Liberal Democrats have voted to support party leader, Nick Clegg in the run up to the General Election.

After a lively debate at a meeting in Cambridge this evening (Friday, June 13) at the city's Unitarian Church attended by around 80 members, members decided by secret ballot to back Mr Clegg to lead the party through to May 2015.

The meeting discussed and voted on the following motion: "Cambridge Liberal Democrats hereby propose to submit a requisition for a leadership election to the President of the party." The decision was made with 45 votes to 32.

Cambridge Liberal Democrat Chair, Spencer Hagard said later: "Our party is committed to the full participation of all citizens in every aspect of our democracy.

"This commitment must embrace the party itself, and tonight Cambridge party members have demonstrated once again that it does, and have done so with reason and dignity."

Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert (pictured) said: "Our members have made their decision and I believe it is the right decision.

"Nick Clegg made a brave move when he decided to take our party into coalition. Working with another party is always going to be tricky, and doing so in such tough financial times is particularly difficult. When we went into government, for every four pounds the government was spending it was borrowing one. Whoever you blame for that, it is clear that such a situation could not continue. But now, thanks to our work in Government under Nick's leadership, the economy is growing, and unemployment is down, and the deficit is slowly coming under control.

We have reformed our income tax system so that the poorly paid no longer pay income tax and millions of others keep an extra £800 in their pocket. We've closed loopholes to stop tax dodging - just last year we collected £23.9 billion from people who hoped to avoid paying.

"Our pensioners are better off, we have much more renewable energy and we are making huge investments in our railways. And our young people are getting the training they deserve through our apprenticeship programme, work and training placements. We have seen more young people from deprived backgrounds going to university thanks to our generous bursary and scholarship schemes.

"Working within the government has brought huge benefits for Cambridge not least the £1 billion Cambridge City Deal which will give us the investment we so badly need for infrastructure improvements to allow the city to grow. Our long-awaited Science Park Station is now making progress and we have seen many new homes built in Cambridge including the first council houses for many years. The Lib Dem led City Council introduced the Living Wage, and substantially increased recycling. Our schools are going to get extra money after being short-changed by successive governments for 30 years.

"There is still so much more we can do for Cambridge and our country and I hope we can move forward now. The next election will be a tight fight between me and the Labour candidate and I will continue to stand up for Cambridge and fight for the city and its values."

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