Lib Dems fear Labour housing plan could increase waiting lists

June 30, 2014 1:37 PM

andy blackhurstCambridge Liberal Democrats have attacked Labour's decision to block the redevelopment of council home sites in the city fearing it may increase council waiting lists.

And they are worried that a plan to put 100 per cent social housing on council-owned sites could be a backward step resulting in a return to the council estates of the past.

Lib Dem Spokesperson on Housing, Andy Blackhurst said: "Cambridge needs a housing programme which meets present day expectations; we don't want to turn the clock back to council housing of the past.

"We are proud of what our affordable housing programme has delivered so far. The council has a duty to manage its stock for the future, replacing that which no longer meets expectations and achieving a mix of housing types. We will be watching to make sure that the new administration doesn't shirk this duty.

"Labour has failed to grasp the merits of mixed housing in creating strong and diverse neighbourhoods. Mixed housing also makes a site more financially viable giving the council more flexibility to create the right homes for people.

"I am worried that if we don't redevelop existing council sites making the best of what we have, we will fail to deliver the homes we need. That, in turn could have a massive effect on families on the council house waiting lists leaving them facing even longer waiting times. This would be a hugely backward step."

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