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Lib Dems take up residents' concerns over Mitcham's Corner

July 7, 2014 1:27 PM

Andrea Reiner Market Ward 2011Cambridge residents fear that Labour plans to revise priorities for a £635,000 improvement scheme could mean a long-awaited Mitcham's Corner project is kicked into the long grass.

Their concerns have been taken up by Cambridge Liberal Democrats who put Mitcham's Corner at the top of the priority list for the Cambridge City Council scheme to improve local centres.

But the new Labour administration claims the project will be paid for by money from the Greater Cambridge City Deal and therefore no longer needs to be on the Cambridge City Council list for this programme.

Liberal Democrats, however, believe this is misguided and Labour is out of tune with residents on the issue. They fear the Mitcham's Corner improvement project will be lost.

Resident Luca Leone said: "It is essential that the new City Council administration reaffirm its commitment made during the recent local election in West Chesterton, to make Mitcham's Corner a top priority for city funding."

Andrea Reiner, Lib Dem Spokesperson for the City Centre and Public Places (pictured) said: "When we introduced the local centres improvement programme we put Mitcham's Corner at the top of the list because it was widely recognised that it needed a great deal of help.

"It desperately needs money spent on it. That was what residents wanted and we listened to their concerns.

"But Labour are going back on that to the great disappointment of residents across the north of the city. There is no guarantee that City Deal money will be available for this work and I am worried that this project will be kicked into the long grass.

"Labour are not in tune with the residents over this issue. They are not listening. They are pinning their hopes on City Deal money that may not be available. There are no guarantees here and that's what the residents want, a guarantee that finally this eyesore will be transformed."