Julian Huppert MP

Julian Huppert MP

Member of Parliament for Cambridge

House of Commons

01223 304 421 (landline)

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Before being an MP

Julian grew up here in Cambridge. He went to both school and University in the city before becoming a research scientist. Cambridge has always been his home and he now lives in Cherry Hinton with his long-term girlfriend, and stayed on to do a PhD in biological chemistry.

Julian's work in science contributed to a new understanding of how cancer works, which helped to produce new anti-cancer drugs. Julian was also CEO of a small biotech company. As the County Councillor for East Chesterton for eight years, Julian helped to secure a number of changes, including getting the Brown's Field Community Centre opened. Julian was also Chair of the Cambridge Traffic Management Committee, and served on the Regional Assembly, where he pushed for the much-needed Chesterton station.

Since election to Parliament

In his maiden speech in May 2010, Julian spoke of the honour and pride he felt in representing Cambridge. He challenged the perception that this is a uniformly wealthy city, stressing its residents' diversity and commitment to social justice, providing for those in need and reducing inequality. Pledging to advocate for evidence-based policy, he emphasised the need for expertise and understanding of science in the House of Commons. He feels this is especially important given Cambridge's reputation as a city of technology and innovation. Julian also mentioned the need for politics to move beyond economic growth as the sole measure of success and to focus more on wellbeing and happiness.

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