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The Big Brother state won’t happen on the Liberal Democrat watch.

Cambridge Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert has launched a petition to stop Theresa May's plans to create a snoopers charter.
Julian said "Liberal Democrats - in Cambridge and elsewhere - will always fight for the basic right of every single resident to have a private life. I've already forced the Government to publish the new bill in draft form so it can be amended. This petition will help force the Government to create new safeguards to protect against state surveillance. We will do whatever it takes to protect our most basic civil liberties.

The petition:

The Liberal Democrats will only back new security measures if they deliver more privacy not less.

We the undersigned call on the government to guarantee that:

- no-one in the police, security services or elsewhere in government will be allowed to read the content of internet communications, phone calls or texts without a warrant signed by the Home Secretary

- no-one in the police, security services or elsewhere in government will be allowed to access any communications records in real time without a warrant signed by a magistrate

- there will be substantially stronger safeguards for civil liberties than currently exist before anyone in the police, security services or elsewhere in government can access any communications records at all.

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499 people have already signed this petition

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Print a petition sheet

Even if you've already signed this petition, you can use the printable petition sheet to collect more signatures from your friends and neighbours.

You could go door to door on your street or pass the sheet around at a local event. Good places to leave a few copies include shops, pubs, libraries, and post offices - but don't forget to collect them and send them back to us.

When complete, please return (as soon as possible) to: Cambridge Liberal Democrats, 16 Signet Court, Cambridge, CB5 8LA.