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rsz_julian_huppert_(cycling)_2012.jpgJulian Huppert MP’s campaign to end the war on drugs achieved a major victory this week. After Julian’s continued calls for a more-evidence based approach to drugs policy, the Cambridge MP has secured a Parliamentary debate this Thursday 30 October, calling for a reassessment of existing policies to tackle the misuse of drugs. 

To secure the debate Julian teamed up with Caroline Lucas and Bob Ainsworth, devising a motion to call on the government to produce an “authoritative and independent cost-benefit analysis and impact assessment” of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (which underlies much of the UK’s drugs law), to be published within the next 12 months.

Julian said: “Thoughtless, ineffective and costly drugs policy in this country has been a complete shambles. It’s about time we moved away from treating drugs users as criminals and putting them in prison. More attention is needed on giving treatment and helping people come off addictive drugs.

“For too long ideological politics has won over evidence, this debate is a significant first step on the road to changing that.”

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 You can also find out more about Julian's thoughts on drugs in a Guardian piece he wrote here.

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