English Heritage comes out in favour of Flying Pig

14 August, 2012 2 Comments

English Heritage has come out in favour of Cambridge’s Flying Pig pub after it was alerted to its plight by the city’s MP Julian Huppert. 

The organisation, which protects the nation’s historic buildings, said that “any application for its demolition would need to contain a very well-argued justification”. 

Julian had called on English Heritage after fears that the timber-framed pub, which was built in 1832 as the local for the railway workers constructing the Cambridge line, would be lost if the area were redeveloped. He asked representatives whether the Hills Road pub could meet its criteria for listing. 

Gaynor Roberts, Designation Co-ordinator for English Heritage, told Julian: “The Flying Pig lies within a Conservation Area and English Heritage would consider it to be a building that makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of that area. 

“As such there is a presumption in favour of its retention and any application for its demolition would need to contain a very well-argued justification for its demolition. Furthermore, the city council has recently consulted on a supplementary planning document concerning the retention of public houses which will further extend the case for its retention. “ 

Ms Roberts said she would be happy to receive an application for listing the pub. 

Resident Alex Freeman of Selwyn Road, who called for Julian’s help to save the Flying Pig and has been friends with publicans Matt and Justine Hatfield for many years, was delighted with the news. 

“This is great news, exactly what we were hoping for,” he said. “This is fantastic and it’s absolutely what should happen.” 

Julian will be discussing this issue further with the developers, Pace Investments after they reassured him the pub was safe. 

Johnny Vincent from Pace Investments told Julian recently: “We have absolutely no intention to close the Flying Pig. Indeed quite the reverse, as Matt and Justine Hatfield will tell you. We hope they will continue to run the pub for many years, as I believe it is an important part and has a vital role to play in the local community.” 

Julian said: “I am encouraged that Mr Vincent has made it clear that he has no intention of closing the Flying Pig. I am also delighted that English Heritage has been so positive about the pub’s contribution to the city. 

“This historic pub has played a key role in our community and it would be a real shame if it were lost to future generations. I look forward to discussing the matter with Mr Vincent so that we can all work together to make sure the pub survives in its present format.”


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  • Fabian Bonner: September 29, 2012 2:36 pm

    This is very encouraging to hear, however neither the plans on Cam Council’s or Pace Investments’ websites show the Flying Pig building being there. Does Mr Vincent intend to keep the pub in it’s present form, or does he mean to knock it down and just have a bar called “The Flying Pig” in the new development ?

  • Fabian's mum: September 30, 2012 3:03 pm

    Clever wording – the title will remain but not the premises – the pub sign without the premises will not be the same place or have the same wonderful atmosphere. We all need to move fast.

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